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embedded/in-memory: SQLNonTransientConnectionException: No current connection due to invalid page format


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      OS: windows 2008 R2 x64, AIX 7.1, possibly other
      JVM: SUN/Oracle 1.6.0_24 server x64, IBM J9 Java5 vm2.3.sr12.j9vmap6423-20100630, possibly others
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      Repro attached
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      In my case I am inserting many many rows in a in memory derby DB. After a while (a few minutes) I get a "SQLNonTransientConnectionException: No current connection" and the derby.log (see attachment) contains a complaint about an invalid page format with a dump of the page in question (which is completely zeros). The derby.log also contains another entry before the error (usually the same time stamp as the error): Cleanup action starting
      Maybe this is related to the error.
      Please find attached a test case to reproduce the issue. Just give it enough memory (-Xmx4g). It will insert a lot of rows to an in-memory derby DB with several threads over several connections. In case you want to run only one thread with one connection you might want to set these properties:
      -DuseSingleConnectionOnly=true -DuseSynchronousCommit=true -DnumberOfAsyncThreadsPerGenerator=1 -DnumberOfGeneratorThreads=1 -DnubmerOfRowsPerThread=100000000

      Thank you very much


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