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Error when fully qualifying a field from a view in an ORDER BY clause



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      Windows 7
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      I have a strange issue that can be reproduced easily with the following objects in schema "test":

      create table a (a integer);
      insert into a (a) values(1);
      create view v as select * from a;

      This works:
      select test.a.a from test.a where test.a.a <> 2 order by test.a.a asc;

      This doesn't work:
      select test.v.a from test.v where test.v.a <> 2 order by test.v.a asc;

      But this does:
      select test.v.a from test.v where test.v.a <> 2 order by v.a asc;

      This is the error I get:
      Error: 'TEST.V' is not an exposed table name in the scope in which it appears.
      SQLState: 42X10
      ErrorCode: -1

      I've tried quite a few SELECT clauses, and I think the ORDER BY clause is the only one having this issue.


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