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Revert to FileDescriptor#sync from FileChannel#force to improve interrupt resilience


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      FileChannel.force is interruptable, and we really don't want to be interrupted when we flush the log file. Happily, on most platforms, we use the "rws"/"rwd" file open mask which makes the writes thjemselves synchronized, so no subsequent explicit file level sync is needed anyway.

      DirFile4#getRandowmAccessFile should use plain DirRandomAccessFile instead of the current DirRandomAccessFile4. This will make StorageRandomAccessFile#sync map to FileDescriptor#sync instead of FileChannel#force (also for NIO supporting platforms).

      Since FileDescriptor#sync does not allow synching file data only (it also synchronizes metadata), those platforms which do not support write synchronization will experience a performance drop, but this is the price we have to pay to survive interrupts without shutting down the database on those platforms.

      Users which experience this as a problem, should update to a newer JVM which does support "rws"/"rwd" in the mode argument to (,%20java.lang.String).

      Cf. also discussion on .

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