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Wrong join column returned by right outer join with NATURAL or USING and territory-based collation



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      SQL:2003 says that the join columns in a natural join or in a named
      columns join should be added to the select list by coalescing the
      column from the left table with the column from the right table.

      Section 7.7, <joined table>, syntax rules:

      > 1) Let TR1 be the first <table reference>, and let TR2 be the <table
      > reference> or <table factor> that is the second operand of the
      > <joined table>. Let RT1 and RT2 be the row types of TR1 and TR2,
      > respectively. Let TA and TB be the range variables of TR1 and TR2,
      > respectively. (...)


      > 7) If NATURAL is specified or if a <join specification> immediately
      > containing a <named columns join> is specified, then:
      > d) If there is at least one corresponding join column, then let SLCC
      > be a <select list> of <derived column>s of the form
      > COALESCE ( TA.C, TB.C ) AS C
      > for every column C that is a corresponding join column, taken in
      > order of their ordinal positions in RT1.

      For a right outer join, Derby doesn't use COALESCE(TA.C, TB.C), but
      rather just TB.C (the column in the right table) directly.

      This is in most cases OK, because COALESCE(TA.C, TB.C) = TB.C is an
      invariant in a right outer join. (Because TA.C is either NULL or equal
      to TB.C.)

      However, in a database with territory-based collation, equality
      between two values does not mean they are identical, especially now
      that the strength of the collator can be specified (DERBY-1748).

      Take for instance this join:

      ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:testdb;create=true;territory=en_US;collation=TERRITORY_BASED:SECONDARY';
      ij> create table big(x varchar(5));
      0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
      ij> insert into big values 'A','B','C';
      3 rows inserted/updated/deleted
      ij> create table small(x varchar(5));
      0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
      ij> insert into small values 'b','c','d';
      3 rows inserted/updated/deleted
      ij> select x, t1.x, t2.x, coalesce(t1.x, t2.x) from small t1 natural right outer join big t2;
      X |X |X |4
      A |NULL |A |A
      B |b |B |b
      C |c |C |c

      3 rows selected

      I believe that the expected result from the above query is that the
      first column should have the same values as the last column. That is,
      the first column should contain

      {'A', 'b', 'c'}

      , not

      {'A', 'B', 'C'}



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