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Expand SYSCS_IMPORT_TABLE to accept CSV file with header lines



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      The SYSCS_IMPORT_TABLE (and SYSCS_IMPORT_DATA) function allow import of data from external resources. In general, they can process CSV files that created with various tools - with one exception: the header line.

      While there is no accepted standard, most tools will include a header line in the CSV file with column names. This convention is supported in Excel and many other tools.

      My Request: extend the SYSCS_IMPORT_TABLe and SYSCS_IMPORT_DATA (and other related procedures) to include an extra indicator for the number of header lines to be ignored.

      As an extra bonus it will be help is the SYSCS_IMPORT_DATA will accept column names (instead of column indexes) in the 'COLUMNINDEXES' arguments. E.g., it should be possible to indicate COLUMNINDEXES of '1,3,sales,5,'. This feature will make it significantly easier to handle cases where the external input files is extended to include additional columns.


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