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An index cause SQL ORDER BY can't return correct result


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      Wrong query result


      Following snippet is a SQL example program. It can reproduce a database issue.

      DROP TABLE test1;
      DROP TABLE test2;
      CREATE TABLE test1 (id BIGINT NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY (id));
      CREATE TABLE test2 (entity_id BIGINT, rel_id BIGINT);
      CREATE INDEX idx_test2 ON test2 (entity_id);
      INSERT INTO test1 (id, name) VALUES (102, 'Tom');
      INSERT INTO test1 (id, name) VALUES (1, null);
      INSERT INTO test1 (id, name) VALUES (103, 'Jerry');
      INSERT INTO test1 (id, name) VALUES (101, 'Pupy');
      INSERT INTO test2 (entity_id, rel_id) VALUES (1, 102);
      INSERT INTO test2 (entity_id, rel_id) VALUES (1, 101);
      INSERT INTO test2 (entity_id, rel_id) VALUES (1, 103);
      SELECT t1.id, t1.name FROM test2 t2 INNER JOIN test1 t1 ON t2.rel_id = t1.id WHERE t2.entity_id = 1 ORDER BY t1.id ASC;

      The expected result should be
      ID NAME
      101 Pupy
      102 Tom
      103 Jerry

      When running the program, I got below result.
      ID NAME
      102 Tom
      101 Pupy
      103 Jerry

      The result is obviously wrong. Using ORDER BY ASC does not get expected result. I found ORDER BY DESC works fine.
      Note: there is an index (idx_test2). This index affects the SQL query. If the index is dropped, ORDER BY ASC can return correct result..


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