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Network Server's failure to rollback local transactions on shutdown can cause hang on startup with message java.net.BindException: Address already in use: NET_Bind in derby.log



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      Running suites.All with IBM 1.5 on alpha - (743198) I got a hang in the test run. The last test to run successfully was xtestNestedSavepoints, but I am not sure exactly what test caused the hang. I took a thread dump which I will attach, which showed network server up and running but no ClientThread and a ping attempt blocked.

      This hang is very similar to the hang that was seen after the fix attempts for DERBY-1465 but that change was backed out so it is not related to that change. It could be that the change for DERBY-1465 just made this highly intermittent problem more likely.


        1. derby.log
          83 kB
          Katherine Marsden
        2. derby-4053_diag_diff.txt
          0.8 kB
          Katherine Marsden
        3. DERBY4053_patch1_diff_July092009.txt
          5 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        4. DERBY4053_patch2_diff_July102009.txt
          9 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        5. DERBY4053_patch2_stat_July102009.txt
          0.6 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        6. DERBY4053_patch3_diff_July102009.txt
          9 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        7. DERBY4053_patch3_stat_July102009.txt
          0.6 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        8. derby-4053_repro_dont_commit_diff.txt
          9 kB
          Katherine Marsden
        9. javacore.20090211.123031.4000.0001.txt
          1.25 MB
          Katherine Marsden
        10. javacore-20090420-1735.txt
          7 kB
          Suran Jayathilaka
        11. mamtaDerby4053.java
          5 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        12. suites.All.out
          389 kB
          Katherine Marsden

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