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Remove JDBC 3.0-specific topics from Reference Manual and merge implementation notes as needed



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      The following files should be removed and their contents merged, where appropriate, with the main files for the interfaces concerned. If implementation notes in the JDBC 3.0 topics are identical to the javadoc (i.e. they are not really implementation notes), they can be dropped.

      rrefjdbc32593.html ("JDBC 3.0 features"): remove.

      rrefjdbcjavasqlconnection30.html ("java.sql.Connection interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods"): remove and merge implementation notes with rrefjdbc27734.html ("java.sql.Connection interface") as needed. Only the last two items in the table contain implementation-specific information.

      rrefjdbcdatabasemetadata30.html ("java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods"): remove and merge implementation notes with rrefjdbc15905.html ("java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface") as needed. Only the last item in the table contains implementation-specific information.

      rrefjdbcparametermetadata30.html ("java.sql.ParameterMetaData interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods"): remove. No need to create a topic for this interface in the general JDBC reference, since there is no implementation-specific information for it.

      rrefjdbcjavasqlpreparedstatement30.html ("java.sql.PreparedStatement interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods"): remove. No implementation-specific information to merge.

      rrefjdbcjavasqlsavepoint.html ("java.sql.Savepoint interface") and its subtopics: This is a somewhat complicated case. There is information in here that really belongs in the Developer's Guide, I believe. I think this topic file should be moved up to the main JDBC reference section, but its only contents should be the two Derby-specific restrictions described in rrefjavsaverestrict.html ("Restrictions on savepoints"). The topic rrefjavsaverestrict.html should then be removed, since the rest of its contents are not implementation-specific. The substantive contents of rrefjdbcjavasqlsavepoint.html ("java.sql.Savepoint interface"), crefjavsavesetroll.html ("Setting and rolling back to a savepoint"), crefjavsaverel.html ("Releasing a savepoint"), and crefjavsaverules.html ("Rules for savepoints") could be combined into one topic and added to the Developer's Guide, probably as an additional subtopic of "Transactions" under "The JDBC Connection and Transaction Model", if that would make sense.

      rrefjdbcjavasqlstatement30.html ("java.sql.Statement interface: supported JDBC 3.0 methods"): remove and merge implementation notes with rrefjdbc40794.html ("java.sql.Statement interface") as needed. The subtopic crefjavstateautogen.html ("Autogenerated keys") should be made a subtopic of rrefjdbc40794.html ("java.sql.Statement interface"), after the "ResultSet objects" topic.


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