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UI plugin won't assign correct path when installed outside the 'plugins' directory, (in another extension location directory).


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      Windows 2000, Eclipse, Derby Plugin
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      Repro attached, Workaround attached


      When installing the plugins in a directory other than the "plugins" directory, and setting the Derby nature to a project, the UI plugin will ignore that fact, and modify the classpath or the project as if the jar files were in the "plugins" directory.

      How to reproduce:
      Download and install both Derby plugins in a extension location, different from the plugins directory. To set up an alternative extension location, follow the instructions in:

      Start Eclipse, select a project and select the "Apache Derby->Add Apache Derby Nature" context menu option.
      The project builds now with errors, as the system cannot find the derby jar files in the "ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins" directory.
      Opening the classpath of the project, the jar files are added with the ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins path, even if they aren't there.

      The "Add Apache Derby Nature" should take into account the actual position of the plugins when changing the plugin.

      Manually modify the Classpath. Add a new classpath variable called DERBY_HOME with the real directory where the derby jar files are located. Extend that variable with the jar files.


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