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Implement error handling/parameter checking in Clob.setString



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      The error handling, or parameter checking, in Clob.subString is not adequate.
      There are four parameters that can be invalid;

      • pos
      • str
      • offset
      • len

      The first one is already handled properly, the remaining three are not. They typically result in some low-level exception like a NPE.
      I have not found anything in the JDBC specification nor JavaDoc that dictates the behavior, except for that SQLException should use states defined in the SQL 2003 specification. A brief search there resulted in the following possibilities:
      22003 - numeric value out of range
      22004 - null value not allowed
      2200F - zero-length character string
      22011 - substring error
      22023 - invalid parameter value

      Some of these are already defined by Derby, but with unsuitable or very specific error messages.


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