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DOCS - Remove duplicate information in Dev Guide re: Encryption


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      In the Developers Guide. there are 2 sections that contain information about encryption.
      In some cases there are topics with different content but with the same titles.
      There should not be duplicate titles in the Derby documentation.

      There is this section:
      JDBC applications and Derby basics -->Derby embedded basics -->Working with the database connection URL attributes
      that has these topic titles:
      --Using the databaseName attribute
      --Shutting down Derby or an individual database
      --Creating and accessing a database
      --Providing a user name and password
      --Encrypting a database when you create it
      --Booting an encrypted database
      --Specifying attributes in a properties object

      Then there is this section:
      Derby and Security -->Encrypting databases on disk -->Working with encryption
      that has these topic titles:
      --Encrypting databases on creation
      --Creating the boot password
      --Specifying an alternate encryption provider
      --Specifying an alternate encryption algorithm
      --Booting an encrypted database
      --Changing the boot password

      Someone needs to look at the content of these files, rework the information and necessary, create the related links, and then retitle the topics to avoid duplicate titles.


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