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LOB set method(s) are currently no supported, but part of the Java 1.4 JDBC interface



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      JDBC LOB . getBtypes methods are not implemented in any Derby version to date: there is a "place-holder" method that throws a SQLException reporting that the methods are not implemented.

      It would be excellent to have any efficient Derby implementation of the getBytes LOB methods that provide "random-access" to the binary // character content of database large objects. The specific context is implementing a Lucene Directory interface that stores indexing data (index files) and other binary data in a local encrypted Derby instance.

      A work around is to write an encrypted RandomAccessFile implementation as a file-sdystem buffer, perhaps writing to the database on closure. An efficient Derby implementation of LOB . getBytes would avoid this an make for a clean design. I can think of several reasons why random-access to LOBs would be valuable in a "hostile" client environment.


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