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      Additional work needs to be done for grant/revoke to make sure that only users with required privileges can access various database objects. In order to do that, first we need to collect the privilege requirements for various database objects and store them in SYS.SYSREQUIREDPERM. Once we have this information then when a user tries to access an object, the required SYS.SYSREQUIREDPERM privileges for the object will be checked against the user privileges in SYS.SYSTABLEPERMS, SYS.SYSCOLPERMS and SYS.SYSROUTINEPERMS. The database object access will succeed only if the user has the necessary privileges.

      SYS.SYSTABLEPERMS, SYS.SYSCOLPERMS and SYS.SYSROUTINEPERMS are already populated by Satheesh's work on DERBY-464. But SYS.SYSREQUIREDPERM doesn't have any information in it at this point and hence no runtime privilege checking is getting done at this point.

      1. AuthorizationModelForDerbySQLStandardAuthorization.html
        14 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      2. AuthorizationModelForDerbySQLStandardAuthorizationV2.html
        13 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      3. DERBY1330javaDocWarningsDiffV9.txt
        2 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      4. DERBY1330javaDocWarningsStatV9.txt
        0.3 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      5. Derby1330MinorCleanupV7diff.txt
        3 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      6. Derby1330MinorCleanupV7stat.txt
        0.1 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      7. Derby1330PrivilegeCollectionV2diff.txt
        362 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      8. Derby1330PrivilegeCollectionV2stat.txt
        4 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      9. Derby1330PrivilegeCollectionV3diff.txt
        363 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      10. Derby1330PrivilegeCollectionV3stat.txt
        4 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      11. Derby1330setUUIDinDataDictionaryV10diff.txt
        6 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      12. Derby1330setUUIDinDataDictionaryV10stat.txt
        0.6 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      13. Derby1330setUUIDinDataDictionaryV8diff.txt
        7 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      14. Derby1330setUUIDinDataDictionaryV8stat.txt
        0.6 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      15. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV4diff.txt
        39 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      16. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV4stat.txt
        1.0 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      17. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV5diff.txt
        85 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      18. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV5stat.txt
        1 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      19. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV6diff.txt
        19 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      20. Derby1330uuidIndexForPermsSystemTablesV6stat.txt
        0.5 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      21. Derby1330ViewPrivilegeCollectionV1diff.txt
        352 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor
      22. Derby1330ViewPrivilegeCollectionV1stat.txt
        4 kB
        Mamta A. Satoor

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