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CdiTestSuiteRunner.LogRunListener logs multiple times



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    • 1.6.1
    • 1.7.0
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    • DeltaSpike 1.3.0 and 1.6.1
      JUnit 4.12 via maven-surefire-plugin 3.2.3


      This is a clone of DELTASPIKE-727. Original text:

      CdiTestRunner logs the "started", "finished" and "failed"-events via org.apache.deltaspike.testcontrol.api.junit.CdiTestSuiteRunner.LogRunListener. Using CdiTestRunner in more than one test class leads to the repeated logging of said lines, with one more duplicate per @RunWith(CdiTestRunner) usage.

      I've analyzed the problem a bit: CdiTestRunner works by adding an LogRunListener instance to the RunNotifier in CdiTestRunner#addLogRunListener, which also keeps track of the RunNotifiers that already have the Listener attached via the static notifierIdentities Set, only adding the Listener if the RunNotifier isn't in the Set. The problem is that notifierIdentities gets cleared in CdiTestRunner.AfterClassStatement#evaluate, which leaves the Listener alone and thus defeats the purpose of the Set in the first place.

      I've tried removing the notifierIdentities.clear() from evaluate which fixes this issue, but I'm unsure if that's the right fix for the problem. (Writing a unit test which demonstrates the issue would be easy, but I have no idea how to provide a test that actually fails based on the test's log output.)

      I've confirmed that this is fact the case. Will attach a screenshot showing that the LogRunListeners accumulate on the same RunNotifier instance, and as a result you get duplicated test start and test finish logging for every log method. This compounds per test class that uses CdiTestRunner.

      On top of that is an issue with log handlers accumulating. CdiTestRunner uses a static final java.util.Logger but every new instance will add an additional ConsoleHandler. As a result, each log statement is printed multiple times.

      With these two issues, each class that is run with CdiTestRunner adds a new listener and a new handler so for each class you get 2 more additional log lines than with the previous class that was run.


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