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[dbutils] QueryLoader.loadQueries() should be protected


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      Those of us who don't want to use traditional java properties files to store properties have no way to
      utilize the QueryLoader (I am using XML, for instance, which can be parsed into a subclass of
      Properties if so desired). It would be sufficient to make loadQueries() protected instead of private, so I
      can overload that one method, but it would be nicer to be able to specify a class which adheres to some
      interface (contains load(InputStream is) would be sufficient), which will be instantiated by the
      QueryLoader for reading 'properties.' Or alternatively, at least for my use, the ability to specify a
      Properties instance would also work. Regardless, the absolute dependance on a traditional properties
      file is totally limiting for use of the class, and as soon as loadQueries() becomes protected, I can remove
      the duplicate source code from my code repository and just inherit from QueryLoader.


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        loadQueries() is now protected instead of private.

        David Graham added a comment - loadQueries() is now protected instead of private.
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