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DriverAdapterCPDS should allow to specify vendor specific properties



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      Currently, the class DriverAdapterCPDS creates instances of the package-visible class PooledConnectionImpl by passing a java.sql.Connection created via method
      DriverManager.getConnection(String url, String user, String password).

      However, there is a more general methods that could reasonably replace this, namely:
      DriverManager.getConnection(String url, java.util.Properties info).
      One reason to prefer this one is to specify vendor specific properties, in our case CHARSET_CONVERTER_CLASS for the sybase jdbc driver.

      There are three ways out, ordered by increasing convenience:

      (1) Make class PooledConnectionImpl and its constructor public, then we can subclass DriverAdapterCPDS and override method getPooledConnection(String username, String password) to instantiate PooledConnectionImpl with a differently created java.sql.Connection.

      (2) In DriverAdapterCPDS, factor out the statement
      DriverManager.getConnection(getUrl(), username, password),
      into a protected, non-final method, say createConnection(String username, String password).
      Then we can subclass DriverAdapterCPDS and override this method appropriately.

      (3) Add a member variable DriverAdapterCPDS.mConnectionProps and a method such as DriverAdapterCPDS.setProperties(Properties props) that adds all properties to mConnectionProps. In DriverAdapterCPDS, instead of invoking DriverManager.getConnection(getUrl(), username, password), do:
      mConnectionProps.put("user", username);
      mConnectionProps.put("password", password);
      DriverManager.getConnection(getUrl(), mConnectionProps);

      By the definition of DriverManager.getConnection(String url, String user, String password), this should be equivalent at least in case both username and password are set.




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