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[Back-end]: Augment a functionality for recreate edge node




      As user I want to use my instances in case if edge failing or again to create previously terminated edge in the same project using the same endpoint so that it allows me do not create project with new name and use the previous name.

      If we terminate edge (or edge has been failed) we could not create the new edge in the same project and the same endpoint.


      Edge not could be failed during stopping/starting/creating/terminating.

      We should add retry during stopping/starting edge in case of failing (three attempts)

      From which side it should be done (Back-end/DevOps)? - from Back-end should be done

       One project can contain one endpoint/edge node or more.

      Statuses for recreate:

      • edge node is terminated from Cloud Web Console - recreate should be
      • edge node is terminated from Web DataLab UI - recreate should be
      • edge node failed during stopping/starting - return cloud status - recreate should NOT be
      • edge node failed during creating - recreate should be 
      • edge node failed during terminating - recreate should be 

        If at least one instance exists - SMART recreate.

        If instances do not exist - create all resources.

      Github issue: https://github.com/apache/incubator-dlab/issues/731.



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