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[Azure]: Alter billing values according to updates on billing page




      1. 'Bucket' should be in 'Resource type' column for all buckets
      2. Project_name should be in 'Project' column if it is project_bucket.
      3. 'Shared resource' should be in 'Project' column if it is ssn_bucket.
      4. Images are not in billing report page
      5. 'Image' should be used in  'Resource type' column for all images
      6.  User_name should be used in 'User'column if it is custom image
      7. Project_name should be in 'Project' column if it is custom image.
      8. 'Shared resource' should be in 'Project' column if it is shared image.
      9. Instead of <SSN_INSTANCE_SIZE> should be its value
      10. There are three storages (sbn-ssn-storage/sbn-pr1-local-storage/sbn-local-shared-storage), but in DLab billing we have only one (sbn-pr1-local-storage)
      11. If project name contains upper case in billing report page appears two different projects (see attachment)
      12. Filter does not work by 'Shared resource' in 'Project' column
      13. Filter does not work by 'Resource Type' in 'Resource Type' column
      14. Not all values are rounded


        1. Azure ssn size1.png
          101 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        2. Azure ssn size2.png
          88 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        3. azure ssn size3.png
          84 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        4. Azure storage account.png
          52 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        5. Buckets.png
          34 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        6. Images.png
          86 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        7. Round value.png
          228 kB
          Vira Vitanska
        8. Upper and lower case in Project name.png
          72 kB
          Vira Vitanska

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