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    • DataLab + Odahu


      Who manages Legion provisioning:

      • Admin or DataLab user?

      1. Legion cluster will be deployed per project-endpoint
      2. Under Administration page:
        2.1. Add a page: Legion deployment
        2.2. Page should contain grid with following information:

      • Project Name
      • Endpoint URL
      • Legion cluster Name
      • Legion cluster status
      • Number of Legion cluster nodes
      • Actions column:
        1. Start/Stop?
        2. Terminate?
        3. Scale-down
        4. Scale-up

         2.3. Create Legion cluster popup:

      • Select Project
      • Select Endpoint
      • Select existing k8s cluster (checkbox, once checked input field shows up where you can fill in "Legion k8s cluster URL")
      • Select number of shapes
      • Select instance shape
      • Select certificate? (check with Vitalii Solodinov)
        1. DataLab passes this as input parameter for Legion provisioning script
      • VPC, Subnet will be auto-propagated from Project (visible = false)
      • NAT gateway
        1. Need Legion team to use Edge IP instead (proxy)
      • Buckets (visible = false)
        1. Bucket for Feedback (use Project bucket)
          1. Legion should access bucket name as parameter
        2. Bucket for State of Terraform (use Project bucket)
          1. Legion should access bucket name as parameter
      • Container registry (pass a parameter?)
      1. Security params (keycloak, oauth and ssh key)
      2. Repos (docker repo and creds, helm repos)

      3. Under List of Resource page

      1. Show additional column with Legion icon near every notebook
      2. When use clicks on it -> popup shows up containing following information:
        1. URL for feedback storage
        2. URL for Swagger API registry
        3. URL for Grafana
        4. Etc
      3. Extend current Actions menu for JupyterLab only with action "Attach Legion"

      4. Billing

      1. Add billing info to Billing report
        1. For each type of Legion resource - there should be a separate line-item in billing report
      2. Extend in-grid billing with Legion billing data

      5. Security - for authentication/authorization to work across DataLab and Legion:

      1. Use same realm for DataLab and Legion
        1. I should be able to login to DataLab and I should not be asked to login going forward.



      • If there are two users, two JupyterLabs connected to single Legion cluster, how Legion resources are allocated across two users?




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