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Eliminate CLI it:test target and src/it directory in favor of ordinary src/test



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      Our CLI integration tests run much faster now. 

      The reason for this separate 'sbt it:test' thing are gone. 

      Having a separate src/it directory causes trouble for tooling. E.g., I find I have to rename any existing src/test directory to src/test1, then rename src/it to src/test in order to run the CLI tests from the normal JUnit type IDE support features. This is too clumsy. 

      We should switch back to just having the CLI tests live in src/test and have them run the ordinary way via 'sbt test'. After all there's only 267 of them, whereas there are 4000+ tests in the regular daffodil 'sbt test' suite. 

      I would like to eliminate the creation of the scaladoc/javadoc, jars, etc. as part of building the CLI also, as there is no point in waiting for that to run the basic set of CLI tests. 

      If there are CLI tests which really depend on being able to fork and exec an executable, those can stay under src/it, but I think the vast bulk of the CLI tests should just become regular src/test/scala tests which are far easier to run. 






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