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[daemon] runs as multiple instances, does not use PID file logic



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      jsvc writes its own pid file but it appears that it does not have a logic that
      secures its own integrity.
      Multiple duplicate processes can be created simply by issuing the same jsvc
      command multiple times. The created processes cannot be killed using the pppid
      file for obvious reasons.

      1) jsvc should terminate prematurely if it finds its own pid file.

      2) jsvc should delete its own pid file when killed.

      If 1) and 2) are not acceptable because (hypothetically, because I don't know
      the specifications) the specifications require that the caller incorporates this
      logic, then jsvc should not write a pid file.

      Why do i think so?

      Depending on implementation, the risk of malfunctioning is much higher if the
      pid file is managed across different execution environments.
      One major reason is that these environments are not usually maintained by the
      same person.

      I guess one might try to get a file system lock on the pid file before launching
      the java program.

      Please excuse my ignorance if I am misinterpreting the daemon functionality in
      any way. I have tried to get responses from 3 relevant mailing lists,
      commons-user, commons-dev and tomcat-user, but nobody replied.
      I am not a Linux programmer and I would not be surprised if this kind of
      programming problem (uniqueness of id'd processes on one machine) has a standard
      solution under Linux.



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