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inherited static method 'fromString(String)' not considered on localTransport



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      cxf local transport

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      Hi CXF team!


      Description of the error and code

      I tried to use a local transport for testing my services. However, I have a path and/or query parameter set to something like this:

      public class HelmResource {
        // body left out for brevity
        public Response putFile(@PathParam("id") HelmId helmId, String entity);
      // important parts of the parameter class
      abstract class AbstractHelmId {
        // watch the return type!
        public static HelmId fromString(String id) {
          return HelmId.of(new UUID(id));
      @Generated // by immutables.org
      public class HelmId {
        private final UUID id;
        // should inherit the fromString(String id) method.
        public static HelmId of(UUID uuid) {
          return new HelmId(uuid);

      This works perfectly fine on Open Liberty (which uses CXF), but it does not when using CXF in local test mode. I wrote a Junit5 extension based on your wiki: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/CXF20DOC/JAXRS+Testing#JAXRSTesting-LocalTransport


      Expected behaviour

      HelmId is being read from the path


      Actual behaviour

      HelmId has no constructor with single String parameter, static valueOf(String) or fromString(String) methods



      Create a ParamConverterProvider and a ParamConverter for all the classes. This eliminates the idea of the integration test though, as the test uses a provider, the production code does not.


      Expected solution

      The error is being thrown here: cxf/InjectionUtils.java at b6e3ab83a37cfb777d6eebf9711e552027bde37a · apache/cxf (github.com)

      I assume this method must be changed or is not properly called for local transports.




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