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Transform feature outDropElements has no effect



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      We're running CXF 3.2.5 web services in Tomcat, java-first-approach.

      For compatibility with older clients, we'd like to remove some elements from the response using the transform feature. We'd prefer to do this via configuration, so the feature can be easily removed once all clients have upgraded.

      We put the configuration - jaxws:feature and beans - in WEB-INF/classes/CXF/beans.xml, referenced throug web.xml. Any other way - via cxf.xml, be it on classpath or referenced per JVM parameter - failed to find the bean defintion. Introducing errors in the bean definition leads to corresponding errors, so the bean is recognized, but the configuration has no effect on the outbound XML. We also tried addressing the elements with and without namespace, full paths, shallow and deep drop, and the XSLT feature, too, but to no avail.

      We suspect this might still be a configuration issue or some peculiar constellation we fail to recognize, but we are at out wit's end finding the real cause of it.

      Attached you find a Maven test project, stripped down to the one web service with the one method in question, and exported from Eclipse after running maven --clean. The pom contains all dependencies of the original project. There is no test case, we simply used SOAPUI which worked fine. The archive also contains the WSDL file copied from the source view of the browser.




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