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Base64 encoding in AttachmentSerializer does not create correct output for large attachments



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    • 3.0.16
    • 3.1.16, 3.2.4
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      As client, I want to send a SOAP message with base64-encoded attachments. I have activated base64 encoding for attachments by adding an out interceptor, which sets the message parameter org.apache.cxf.message.Message.CONTENT_TRANSFER_ENCODING to "base64", since it is supported by the CXF-core's AttachmentSerializer.

      For small attachments, the encoding works. But when I have a large attachment, the base64-encoded data is, I think, not valid:

      As implemented in AttachmentSerializer's method encodeBase64(), the encoding of the input data is done in blocks of maximum 262144 bytes. Since 262144 divided by 3 has remainder 1, each of the blocks containing the full 262144 bytes will generate two '=' padding characters at the end of the block output.

      So for large attachments with > 262144 bytes, the created base64 data stream contains padding characters within the stream, and not only at the end. I did not find any hint, that this is allowed.

      Especially the server implementation, which I use, interprets the padding characters also as end of stream, so that attachments > 262144 do not work in that case.

      An fix for this issue would be to use a buffer size, which is divisible by three without remainder.

      I still use CXF 3.0.16, since the client have to work with Java 1.6. But 3.1.x and 3.2.x use the same method, so the same issue should apply there too.




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