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Xml validation with Mtom enabled is not working with french locale



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    • 2.7.18, 3.1.9
    • 3.1.10
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      Running cxf on a tomcat launched with the jvm argument "-Duser.language=fr".
      Mtom and schema validation are enabled.

      While sending a soap message, we have this error : "Wrapped by: org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException: org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Marshalling Error: cvc-type.3.1.2 : L'élément 'xxx' est de type simple et ne doit comporter aucun enfant ([children]) de type élément d'information."

      Reason is a lack in the hack allowing validation with mtom enabled in org.apache.cxf.jaxb.io.DataWriterImpl.java.

      private static class MtomValidationHandler implements ValidationEventHandler {
      	ValidationEventHandler origHandler;
      	JAXBAttachmentMarshaller marshaller;
      	public MtomValidationHandler(ValidationEventHandler v,
      		                     JAXBAttachmentMarshaller m) {
      	    origHandler = v;
      	    marshaller = m;
      	public boolean handleEvent(ValidationEvent event) {
      	    // CXF-1194 this hack is specific to MTOM, so pretty safe to leave in here before calling the origHandler.
      	    String msg = event.getMessage();
      	    if (msg.startsWith("cvc-type.3.1.2: ")
      		&& msg.contains(marshaller.getLastMTOMElementName().getLocalPart())) {
      		return true;
      	    if (origHandler != null) {
      		return origHandler.handleEvent(event);
      	    return false;

      In french, the colon is always separated with a space from the preceding word : "cvc-type.3.1.2 : "
      I would reckon to just not include the colon anymore in the checking. It seams useless according to this documentation : https://wiki.xmldation.com/Support/Validator

      Looking quickly on the code, some other hacks should not work in french in the sibling class DataReaderImpl.java.
      I will submit a pull request during the week-end to correct this issue.


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