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Race-Condition with JMS-transport, LoggingInInterceptor spoils the payload while logging it



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      I think we stumbled over a problem with cxf and the JMS-transport,
      if the LoggingFeature is used to log incoming response messages.

      The problem is that sometimes, ClientProxyImpl.invoke(...) returns null,
      but from the logged message payload, it's clear that there is a not-null response payload coming from the sever.

      I believe, I just figured out that it is in fact the logging of that very payload which causes ClientProxyImpl.invoke(...) to return null.

      There is a race between the actual "client thread" which waited for the server's response
      (i.e. exchange.wait() in JMSConduit.sendAndReceiveMessage(...) )
      until notified by the ActiveMQ Session Task thread
      (i.e. exchange.notifyAll() in JMSConduit.processReplyMessage(...) )
      one one side and the ActiveMQ Session Task thread itself on the other side.

      Once the client thread is notified, it goes on with preProcessResult(...) and handleResponse(...) and somewhere in there the message's ByteArrayStream is read and the return object is created.

      However, at the same time, back in the ActiveMQ thread, the interceptor chain is run.

      In my case it contains the LoggingInInterceptor which accesses the message's same ByteArrayInputStream, in the method LoggingInInterceptor.logInputStream(...) ).

      Now, in logInputStream(...), we have

      IOUtils.copyAtLeast(bis, bos, limit == -1 ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : limit);
      bis = new SequenceInputStream(bos.getInputStream(), bis);
      // restore the delegating input stream or the input stream
      if (is instanceof DelegatingInputStream) {
      } else {
          message.setContent(InputStream.class, bis);

      My problem happens if the client thread tries to read the message while "bis" was read, but not yet restored. During that time, "bis" is closed for the in the client thread and it will skip over it (or throw an Exception, based on its config).

      My current best and maybe naive guess on how to solve this is to change the method JMSConduit.processReplyMessage(...)
      and execute the if-block around exchange.notifyAll(); only after the if-block around incomingObserver.onMessage(exchange.getInMessage());


      Best reagards




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