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wsdl2js generated code fails to parse a Java Map<String, String> property



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    • 2.2.4, 2.2.12, 2.3.2
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    • Windows XP SP3 Pro English, JDK, Aegis, CXF on server side is 2.2.4


      I'm using Apache CXF to expose a Java object through SOAP which has the following property:

      private Map<String,String> constraintParams;

      This gives me a correct WSDL file and I can use the SOAP method with no problems from tools like soapUI.

      But I want to use the SOAP service from javascript. So I use the wsdl2js tool of CXF and it generates a .js file. When I use the javascript file it fails to parse the SOAP response from the server.

      The SOAP XML part that the javascript code fails to deserialize looks like this:


      It seems like the generated js code tries to deserialize the <entry> tag but the wsdl2js generator didn't actually generate that function, so the code of the generator is calling a function that it didn't generate. The following line in the js gives a "services_systemcontrol_mydomain_com__entry_deserialize" is not defined" error.

      arrayItem = services_systemcontrol_mydomain_com__entry_deserialize(cxfjsutils, curElement);

      At this moment the curElement property has the <entry> tag but the deserialize function simply is not in the generated js file.

      Do I do anything wrong or is there another way that does work that I could look into?

      On the server side I'm using 2.2.4, I tested the wsdl2js tool of versions 2.2.4, 2.2.12, 2.3.2 the result is always as above. I'm also using aegis




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