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Replicator accepts and then returns invalid urls



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      We have an issue that manifests for us in Fauxton but will manifest in any other web browser / url parser.

      The replicator accepts invalid urls. This means it will also return invalid urls on request. These url make standard-conforming url parsers bail. Example:

      https://rocko:pass#word@example.com/blerg is not valid url syntax. The hash has to be encoded.

      Discussion from #whatwg:

      12:17:03 < robertkowalski> annevk: question to the url spec
      12:17:16 < robertkowalski> before i open an issue / invetsigate further
      12:18:11 < robertkowalski> new URL('https://rocko:pass#word@example.com/blerg')
      12:18:16 -!-frivoal [~frivoal@2400:2650:86c0:a500:6c4e:56ad:30ff:8140] has joined #whatwg
      12:18:18 < robertkowalski> throws because of the hash
      12:19:29 < robertkowalski> i haven't found a section regarding passwords and special / reserved chars. is this a bug in the spec? it limits the amount
                                 possible passwords a lot
      12:20:06 < nox> robertkowalski: It should be encoded.
      12:20:23 < annevk> Yeah, you can encode it
      12:21:16 < annevk> robertkowalski: the specification basically doesn't want you to use URLs to encode username/password
      12:21:29 < annevk> robertkowalski: https://url.spec.whatwg.org/#url-syntax doesn't allow them
      12:21:46 < annevk> robertkowalski: (see note at the end of that section)
      12:22:39 < annevk> robertkowalski: the reason that throws though I think is because # is seen as the start of the path and then a host cannot contain :
      12:22:43 -!-frivoal [~frivoal@2400:2650:86c0:a500:6c4e:56ad:30ff:8140] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
      12:22:51 < annevk> robertkowalski: well, because :pass is not a valid port
      12:23:54 < annevk> robertkowalski: for that, see how https://url.spec.whatwg.org/#authority-state and also the host state will treat # as the end of that
      12:24:25 < annevk> robertkowalski: and https://url.spec.whatwg.org/#port-state for how port will return failure for non-digits
      12:27:16 < robertkowalski> thank you
      12:27:46 < robertkowalski> the replciator in couchdb accepts urls with hash as part of the password
      12:27:57 < robertkowalski> and when we pull them out and want to use them in the browser
      12:27:59 < robertkowalski> it explodes
      12:30:14 < nox> robertkowalski: new URL('https://rocko:pass%23word@example.com/blerg')
      12:31:18 < robertkowalski> ty nox - we run into a chicken egg problem here. as we use `new URL` to parse the URL ^^
      12:31:31 < robertkowalski> so we probably have to fix that in the couch api, not in the frontend
      12:36:15 < annevk> robertkowalski: yeah, it sounds like the Couch DB API parses URLs differently from browsers
      12:36:43 < annevk> robertkowalski: that will cause subtle bugs


      • Reject invalid urls and add a automatic migration strategy for invalid urls in the replicator


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