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Docs fail to build with Sphinx 1.4+



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      After updating my local install of Sphinx to 1.4, I get the following error in the build:

      looking for now-outdated files... none found
      pickling environment... done
      checking consistency... done
      preparing documents... done
      writing output... [  0%] about
      writing output... [  1%] api/basics
      Warning, treated as error:
      /home/joant/couchdb/src/docs/src/api/basics.rst:144: WARNING: Could not lex literal_block as "http". Highlighting skipped.

      Because we specify -W on the sphinx-build line, we treat all warnings as errors the build stops here. Removing the -W allows the build to complete but results in 255 warnings where highlighting is being skipped as a result of a failure to parse the block. The full output of make html is here: https://paste.apache.org/DKOL

      The temporary fix is to disable the -W option in the makefile. janl andywenk this is something you might want to think about for the RC2 release, though I suspect your local Sphinx is old enough that it's not running into the bug.

      The right fix is to fix the code blocks so they work under Sphinx 1.4+. See for instance this diff of how another project fixed their warnings - it's mainly un-escaping some text since the parser expects no syntax errors in the block of text.

      If no one else steps up by mid- next week I can look at this bug, but my time is booked until July 27th at the earliest.


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