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Using the @ symbol in the document ID causes strange results in CouchDB browser (under the _utils path)



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    • 0.7.2
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      What steps will reproduce the problem?
      1. Within the CouchDB browser interface (_utils) create a document with an
      id of johndoe@gmail.com - succeeds
      2. Now try and do anything with that document through the browser
      interface: The path changes to question marks - you cannot delete the
      document from the browser interface or add fields to the document

      What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
      Does not appear to be a valid document.

      What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
      Latest version 0.7xx from svn on Ubuntu

      Please provide any additional information below.

      Comment 1 by Jer...@marzhillstudios.com, Nov 27, 2007

      This could be slightly related to the issue I just posted. I'd imagine applying my
      patch would give him an error message about the revision not applying.

      It sounds like the same problem that occurs when you click the next and previous
      links for a document. since the @ symbol is how you request revisions couchdb will
      misinterpret the document request as a document revision request.

      Comment 2 by Jer...@marzhillstudios.com, Nov 27, 2007

      here is a patch that at least returns an error message and redirects to the database
      page again.

      It doesn't tackle the real problem which is that an @ symbol is allowed unescaped in
      a docid.

      Apologies but it includes my previous patch for the doc revision requests problem

      Comment 4 by cmlenz, Feb 07, 2008

      Thanks for reporting this, I'll look into it.




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