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Documentum Connector throws NPE when a job is run after a document is deleted from the repository



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    • Status: Resolved
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    • ManifoldCF 2.8.1, ManifoldCF 2.10
    • ManifoldCF 2.11
    • Documentum connector
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      I see an NPE from the Documentum Connector when I re-run a job after deleting a file from the Documentum repository using the Documentum Administrator:

      FATAL 2018-06-29T08:36:54,847 (Worker thread '5') - Error tossed: null
              at org.apache.manifoldcf.crawler.common.DCTM.DocumentumObjectImpl.getContentSize(DocumentumObjectImpl.java:181) ~[?:?]
        at org.apache.manifoldcf.crawler.connectors.DCTM.DCTM$ProcessDocumentThread.run(DCTM.java:1399) ~[?:?]

      The job then appears not to terminate in the Manifold UI. If the job is not aborted, the NPE will show again after restarting the Manifold server and Documentum Connectors.

      I expect the connectors to handle deletion of source in the repository, passing the appropriate status to the output connector, and not failing like this.


      • Configure Manifold to use Documentum Connectors to talk to a Documentum instance
      • Sanity check your configuration by
        • create a directory in Documentum, D, with two files F, G
        • create a job in Manifold to take from D and write to the file system in directory L
        • run the job and observe that F, G appear in L
      • delete G from D in Documentum
        • in Documentum Administrator, right click on G and choose Delete, then OK
      • re-run your job
      • observe that the job doesn't end
      • inspect L
      • observe that F and G are both still present
      • inspect the Manifold logs
      • observe NPE in the logs

      In the log file I'll attach, F and G are Book1.xlsx and Book1.xls


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