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[configuration] ConfigurationFactory loading from classpath issue


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      I found a thread on the commons mailing list about this topic, but did not see a
      resolution presented.

      It seems the only way to load a properties file from a separate jar in the
      classpath is to use absolute paths. I believe the ConfigurationFactory
      framework would be a tad more useful if it used the classloader to load the
      properties files as resources instead. The major advantage being that one could
      package a default properties file in a config jar, but temporarily override it
      by placing a copy higher in the classpath. There are other uses as well, but
      that's the main use case I have in mind right now.

      Let's say I have the following JAR that contains only these configuration files:

      properties/config.xml <= The ConfigurationFactory settings
      properties/test-config.xml <= An XML properties file

      com.test.ConfigurationTest <= Constructs ConfigurationFactory and calls

      Because I use the classload to load

      <!-- config.xml -->
      <xml fileName="test-config.xml"/>

      I have tried many variations of the above path to get it to load from the
      classpath to no avail, such as:

      <xml fileName="properties/test-config.xml"/>
      <xml fileName="/properties/test-config.xml"/>
      <xml fileName="file:test-config.xml"/>
      <xml fileName="file:properties/test-config.xml"/>
      <xml fileName="file:/properties/test-config.xml"/>

      Most of the time it coughs out a SAXException with a garbled path like this:

      Could not load from
      at org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.createSAXException(
      at org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.createSAXException(
      at org.apache.commons.digester.Digester.endElement(

      In other words, I can't seem to make it use the appropriate URL for accessing
      the file when it's in another JAR.


      If I move the properties folder to the JAR that contains the test class, it
      works fine. I believe I could also use an absolute path to the properties file,
      but again, that precludes me from being able to quickly override the properties
      file by placing a copy higher in the classpath.

      This is my first experience with trying to initiate a change in an open source
      project, so bear with me if I'm not following the right protocol. I'd like to
      take a stab at creating a patch myself if someone hasn't already beat me to it.



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