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Add capability to configure Deflater strategy in GzipCompressorOutputStream



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      TheĀ GzipCompressorOutputStream uses a java.util.zip.Deflater to perform the compression heavy lifting.

      However, the java.util.zip.Deflater class (making use of and delegating to the underlying native zlib library) allows to specify a strategy which drives which part of the deflate algorithm is used or not (keeping the full deflate format compatibility, requiring no change on the decoding side), see https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/zip/Deflater.html#setStrategy-int-

      Adding the capability to control this strategy within the GzipParameters would be a very welcomed addition, as there is no way to sub-class and extend GzipCompressorOutputStream to do so.

      The rationale behind this request is related to compressing base64-heavy content.

      It turns out that since base64 is breaking byte-alignment, the LZ77 part of the deflate algorithm is run in sub-optimal conditions (read: it is defeated most of the time), consuming CPU cycles for almost no gain.

      Skipping the LZ77 part of the deflate algorithm to use Huffman coding only does the job pretty well (at least in our case): it takes 3x to 5x less time (= CPU cycles) to compress and saves 26% of the initial data size instead of 27% with default settings (the compression ratio drop is then very minimal vs. a very significant CPU usage win).

      Irrespective of our own use case and measurements, this looks like a very slick addition to this utility class to expose an already proven and available feature.

      I'm happy to provide a PR for you guys to review, just let me know.




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