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isUnixSymlink returns true for Zip entries with Unix permissions 177777

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      This issue was originally reported in MASSEMBLY-842, but it seems the root cause in inside Commons Compress.

      Consider the attached invalid-entry.jar, whose contents, as shown by the zipinfo utility, is:

      ?rwsrwsrwt  2.0 unx        0 b- stor 17-Jan-15 16:06 META-INF/maven/
      drwxr-xr-x  2.0 unx        0 b- stor 17-Jan-15 16:06 META-INF/

      There are some JAR files created by the Maven Assembly Plugin with content similar to this, and the entry META-INF/maven/ has permissions 177777 (octal). Constructing a ZipFile from this file, the method isUnixSymlink incorrectly returns true for the entry META-INF/maven/ (and it correctly returns false for the entry META-INF/.

      Here is a sample Java code that can be used to see the behaviour:

      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
          try (ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile(new File("invalid-entry.jar"))) {
              printAttributes(zipFile, "META-INF/");
              printAttributes(zipFile, "META-INF/maven/");
      private static void printAttributes(ZipFile zipFile, String name) {
          ZipArchiveEntry entry = zipFile.getEntriesInPhysicalOrder(name).iterator().next();
          System.out.printf("%-17s: symlink:%-5s - unixMode:%s%n", name, entry.isUnixSymlink(), entry.getUnixMode());

      This code outputs:

      META-INF/        : symlink:false - unixMode:16877
      META-INF/maven/  : symlink:true  - unixMode:65535

      The ?rwsrwsrwt permissions show that the Zip entry is broken in the first place, but I think isUnixSymlink should still return false in that case, and not consider this entry to be a symlink.

      It seems the fix would be to update isUnixSymlink and check whether the unix mode is equal to SHORT_MASK, and return false in that case as it would indicate a broken entry. This change does not break any existing tests, but I'm not sure if this is the proper fix.

      public boolean isUnixSymlink() {
          int unixMode = getUnixMode();
          return unixMode == SHORT_MASK ? false : (unixMode & UnixStat.LINK_FLAG) == UnixStat.LINK_FLAG;


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