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      Regular Base64 uses + and / for code point 62 and 63. URL-Safe Base64 uses - and _ instead. Also, URL-Safe base64 omits the == padding to help preserve space.


      decode() should be able to seamlessly handle either situation. This means interpreting +- and /_ as equivalents at any time during the decode. decode() also needs to be more robust against missing padding characters.

      encode() should either emit +/ or -_ depending on a mode set during Base64 construction.

      Since URL-SAFE is all about URL's (e.g. HTTP GET) and most browsers are limited to 1KB of query string, I do not think we need to bother making the URL-MODE available in the stream-oriented classes. (Nonetheless, the streams should be able to decode URL-SAFE, but I don't think they should produce it).

      Some background information: I'm putting together a webapp that integrates with MS Active Directory. Users and Groups are keyed of objectGUID with is a 128 bit int. Would be nice to get some support for this kind of thing:

      "Click to view the profile of <a href='?u=_3-PwBzbRxqMi1qTBhg_6A'>Julius Davies</a>."

      Right now I'm using Hex:

      "Click to view the profile of <a href='?u=ff7f8fc01cdb471a8c8b5a9306183fe8'>Julius Davies</a>."

      Current Base64 class would output this, and I suspect the + would screw things up:

      "Click to view the profile of <a href='?u=/3+PwBzbRxqMi1qTBhg/6A=='>Julius Davies</a>."

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