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Bad Environment context when redirecting to cocoon:// with a sitemap not located in the webapp context


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      Let say I have a root sitemap not located in the webapp context, with a simple pipeline like :

      <map:match pattern="foo">
        <map:read src="foo.png"/>

      If I call directly, the URI /foo, I correctly get the image foo.png

      Now, if I have a second sitemap elsewhere, mounted from the first one, with another simple pipeline like :

      <map:match pattern="bar">
        <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon://foo"/>

      If I call /foo/bar, I get a 404 Not Found saying that it looks for foo.png in the webapp context, and not relative to the root sitemap.

      Looking at the code, I discovered that in the first case, in the method TreeProcessor.setupConcreteProcessor(), we have a statement especially for handling the case of sitemap not located in the webapp context :
              if (this.parent == null) {
                  // Ensure root sitemap uses the correct context, even if not located in the webapp context
                  env.changeContext("", this.source.getURI());

      while in the second case, where the ConcreteTreeProcessor is managed in the method ConcreteTreeProcessor.handleCocoonRedirect(), there's no such statement.

      I'll provide a patch for fixing this, but looking deeper at the code, I found that this looked like a hack (even for the existing statement).
      I think it would be better to have the right root context at the creation of the environment, and not to have to change it later when building the ConcreteTreeProcessor.


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