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remove fully cloned deleted templates from primary storage



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    • cloudstack with vcentre and the use of "full clones"


      After a template has been deleted from cloudstack and it has only been used with the 'vmware.create.full.clone' setting, it can be cleared from primary storage.

      test notes:

      related settings:
      vmware.full.clone.template.cleanup.period = '1' (minutes, '0') (when not > 0 this feature is disabled)
      vmware.create.full.clone = 'true' (boolean, 'false')
      storage.template.cleanup.enabled = 'true' (boolean, 'false')
      storage.cleanup.interval = '150' (seconds, default)
      storage.cleanup.enabled = 'true' (boolean, default)

      to test:

      a vm can be created using the default template or any template installed for this purpose.
      I'll call it the install-template
      The vm should be created with a full clone of the template.
      This can be checked in the table cloud.user_vm_clone_setting
      The install-template should be copied to the primary store of the host it is on
      This can be checked in the table cloud.template_spool_ref
      delete the install-template from the system
      after at most a minute the entries in cloud.template_spool_ref for the install-template should have the field marked_for_gc set to '1'
      At most a minute and a half after that the field state in the same record should be set to 'Destroyed'
      to double check one might go to the mount for this primary storage and seek the installpath to make sure the disk space is actually freed.


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