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Nuage domain template selection per VPC



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      When deploying CloudStack with Nuage VSP (Virtualized Services Plugin/Platform), the Cloud/Network Administrator has the ability to define “Domain Templates” in the Nuage VSP Platform and reuse (and instantiate) those when creating networks inside CloudStack. This allows for predefining advanced networking topologies in the SDN platform, and integrate those seamlessly within the CloudStack workflows, without the need of porting all those SDN capabilities (e.g. GRT leaking, Advanced ACL’s, Service Chaining, ...) into CloudStack.
      Today this mechanism works via global settings and allows for one Nuage VSP Domain Template to be specified per CloudStack Network type (Shared, Isolated, VPC). This is fine for most deployments but it doesn’t leave room for hybrid deployments in which different CloudStack networks need individually differentiated SDN capabilities. Especially for VPC’s it would be nice to have finer grained domain template control.
      With the proposed new features, we add the ability to configure a domain template per VPC, i.e. each VPC created in CloudStack can be configured with a different domain template. We will make this option accessible through the UI also, but applicable to Nuage supporting zones only.

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