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Password reset discrepancy in RVR when one of the Router is not in Running state.



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    • 4.9.0
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      • Deploy an instance and place " cloud-set-guest-password " script in the /etc/init.d location and provide the executable permission.
      • Create a template from the above VM.
      • Create a new network offering with RVR enabled.
      • Deploy a new VM from the above created template and select the above RVR offering.
      • Ensure that the password script is sucessfuly running.
      • Put the backup router in stopped state and ensure only master is running.
      • Now stop the VM and and Reset the password.
      • DO not start the VM , Now Stop the current Master and start the Back up.
      • Now the Back Up would be the Master. Now start the VM.


      • The password is saved onto only Master which is in stopped state now or either in backup if we start it.
      • The current Master which was back up earlier do not have the new password. Hence user cannot now login with the new password.
      • In this scenario there is disperancy in the password stored on both the RVR's.

      The only way to sync both the passwords now is , ensure both the RVR are running and reset the password on VM.




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