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Attaching Volume to VM incorrectly checks resource limits



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    • 4.8.0
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      When you try to attach an existing volume to a VM, a resource check is incorrectly performed and this can incorrectly prevent attachment of the disk if the account has low available primary storage.

      To reproduce:
      1. Create an account, with a primary storage limit.
      2. Deploy a VM to that account
      3. Create a volume on that account, using >50% of the remaining space
      4. Try to attach the created volume to the VM

      Maximum number of resources of type 'primary_storage' for account name=XXXXXX in domain id=XXXX has been exceeded.

      This has been found on 4.8.0, but I can't find any reference to a similar bug, and looking at the code for VolumeApiServiceImpl.java it looks to me like it's still there:

      try {
          _resourceLimitMgr.checkResourceLimit(owner, ResourceType.primary_storage, volumeToAttach.getSize());
      } catch (ResourceAllocationException e) {
          s_logger.error("primary storage resource limit check failed", e);
          throw new InvalidParameterValueException(e.getMessage());

      I'm not sure if there are any scenarios where a volume can be attached that wasn't already using resources from the account involved - if not then I'm not sure any resource check should be performed here.




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