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Change of VM compute offering with additional storage tags not allowed



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      It is not possible to upgrade service offerings of a with no storage tags to a offering with a storage tag.

      The UI does not show a newly created Service Offering which has defined a Storage Tag. If tried through cloudmonkey, the error reports :
      "Unable to upgrade virtual machine; the new service offering should have tags as subset of current service offering tags. Current service offering tags: []; new service offering tags: [RootLun]"

      While I understood the error message in the first place, it seems to me an artificially introduced restriction which does not reflect real circumstances.

      Usually users start without using a sophisticated tagging scheme. Later on while already having instantiated VMs, and maybe getting additional primary storage they want to refine their usage scheme. They start to create offerings with storage tags. All existing machines cannot migrate to these new service offerings but must be completely reinstalled.

      (An automatic storage migration might be an additional option, but I think still the ROOT admin can manually migrate the existing volumes if necessary.) More importantly, I think the artificial restriction must be removed.




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