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listDomains API call takes an extremely long time to respond



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      We recently upgraded from Cloudstack 4.5.2 to Cloudstack 4.8.0. Since this update, the listDomains API call has started taking an extremely long time to respond. This has caused issues with our services that rely on this API call. Initially they simply timed out until we increased the thresholds. Now we have processes that used to take a few seconds taking many minutes.

      This is so problematic for us that our organisation has put a halt on further updates of Cloudstack 4.5.2 installations. If reversing the update of zones already on 4.8.0 was feasible, we would have reverted back to 4.5.2.

      Here is a table of the times we're seeing:

      CS Version Domain Count API Response Time
      4.5.2 251 ~3s
      4.8.0 182 ~26s
      4.8.0 <10 <1s

      This small data sample indicates that the response time for zones with a larger amount of domains is significantly worse after the update to 4.8.0. Zones with few domains aren't able to reproduce this issue.

      I recall a bug being resolved recently that concerned reducing the response time for list* API calls. I also recall remibergsma resolving a bug concerning the sorting of the listDomains response. Is it possible that these issues are connected?


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