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Wrong number of sockets reported

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    • Bug
    • Status: Open
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • 4.6.0, 4.7.0
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    • KVM
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    • KVM, CentOS 7 mgmt + HV



      My current setup includes a dual cpu, quad core + HT, however in the ACS dashboard the "CPU sockets" says only one.

      This value is wrong and as I undestand it, it is taken from "virsh nodeinfo" which is known to give misleading information, as it reports stuff "per NUMA cell"

      As per the man page of virsh, the number of real physical sockets should be calculated as "NUMA cell" multiplied by "CPU sockets".


      virsh nodeinfo
      CPU model: x86_64
      CPU(s): 16
      CPU frequency: 2393 MHz
      CPU socket(s): 1
      Core(s) per socket: 4
      Thread(s) per core: 2
      NUMA cell(s): 2

      physical cpus = "CPU socket(s): 1" * "NUMA cell(s): 2" = 2 (correct)

      Additional information can be taken from "virsh capabilities|grep socket_id" (xml output) e.g.:

      virsh capabilities|grep socket_id
      <cpu id='0' socket_id='1' core_id='0' siblings='0,8'/>
      <cpu id='2' socket_id='1' core_id='1' siblings='2,10'/>
      <cpu id='4' socket_id='1' core_id='9' siblings='4,12'/>
      <cpu id='6' socket_id='1' core_id='10' siblings='6,14'/>
      <cpu id='8' socket_id='1' core_id='0' siblings='0,8'/>
      <cpu id='10' socket_id='1' core_id='1' siblings='2,10'/>
      <cpu id='12' socket_id='1' core_id='9' siblings='4,12'/>
      <cpu id='14' socket_id='1' core_id='10' siblings='6,14'/>
      <cpu id='1' socket_id='0' core_id='0' siblings='1,9'/>
      <cpu id='3' socket_id='0' core_id='1' siblings='3,11'/>
      <cpu id='5' socket_id='0' core_id='9' siblings='5,13'/>
      <cpu id='7' socket_id='0' core_id='10' siblings='7,15'/>
      <cpu id='9' socket_id='0' core_id='0' siblings='1,9'/>
      <cpu id='11' socket_id='0' core_id='1' siblings='3,11'/>
      <cpu id='13' socket_id='0' core_id='9' siblings='5,13'/>
      <cpu id='15' socket_id='0' core_id='10' siblings='7,15'/>



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