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KVM Snapshot to Template to New Instance is not working



    • Bug
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    • 4.4.2
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    • KVM, Snapshot, Template
    • Security Level: Public (Anyone can view this level - this is the default.)
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for management and host servers. Primary storage ceph rbd, secondary storage nfs


      Unable to create an instance from a template which has been created from a volume snapshot. To reproduce:

      1. take a snapshot from the root volume of a working vm (i've used Windows 2008 R2 vm with 24GB root disk).
      2. Create a template from the snapshot
      3. Create a new instance from the template
      4. Try to boot

      The new instance starts, however, the root disk volume is totally messed up. Instead of having a 24GB root volume, just like in the original vm, I ended up with a 9.17GB root volume. The partition table was correct though. The first partition (windows boot partition in my case) was mountable. The second partition finished outside of the physical disk boundries and I had all sorts of trouble mounting it. The OS obviously wouldn't boot.

      Perhaps this relates to the CLOUDSTACK-8199 which i've created earlier?




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