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Add dynamism to Persistent Networks in CloudStack

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      Hey There!

      To give you a brief overview: Users often may want to manage resources like Virtual Machines, physical devices, like routers, switches, etc, outside the scope of CloudStack. To ensure that such devices can be easily managed and provisioned, CloudStack offers Persistent Networks, which ascertains that the network gets provisioned at the time of its creation, unlike the usual networks, which get provisioned only after deployment of VMs on that network.

      However, today, we do not have a mechanism to facilitate automatic creation of the network on hosts that have been added to a cluster or transitioned from disabled/maintenance to Enabled state post creation of the network. Under such circumstances, users would need to either manually setup the network  or deploy a VM via CloudStack to provision the network on specific hosts.

      It would be a nice feature to incorporate some amount of dynamism into CloudStack such that we can introduce a sort of a Listener to

      • Scan and identify if new hosts have been added
      • Scan for hosts that have transitioned to Active state
        post creation of the network and enable implementing the resources on such Hosts.
        And at the end of the day, end users are happy that everything required is already setup for them to deploy their resources - VMs.

      Skills required:

      • Java
      • MySQL

      More info can be got at: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/issues/4814





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