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Users are not able to change/edit the protocol of an ACL rule



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      Users should be able to edit an ACL rule completely. Therefore, they must be able to change the protocol type and others configs of an ACL rules.

      Right now users are not able to execute the following.

      • Create an ACL for ICMP
      • Click on edit and change the protocol to TCP
      • An error will happen when saving the rule.

      Users should be able to execute the protocol changes without problem.

      In addition, it is not just the protocol that users are not able to change. For instance, after defining ports, or reason/description for the rule, users are not able to set those values back to null. The same happens for ICMP code and type.

      We will introduce a new parameter called "partialUpdate", which will have its default value as true to maintain backward compatibility. When this parameter is set to false, we will consider only the parameters sent, and not the parameters we already have in the database to change and validate the ACL rule data. This allows us to update parameters already set back to null, and to completely change an ACL rule.


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