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      This issue was raised by Jake Robwood on S:




      I think a Fieldset Control is absolutely necessary and
      should have a higher priority than mentioned in the forum.
      One can't really make a bigger form without it
      fieldsets (look at any form in Internet that has more
      than a few fields).

      The Fieldset is a HTML specific tag and should exist as
      CLICK control, since it's required by any well formed form.
      CSS styling is also impossible in a right way without
      it (I mean table less forms - only CSS based)

      Simple requirements:

      • Basically it should be a 'container' control since it
        can hold elements.
      • the fielset should have common/bulk methods(e.g. read
        only, hide, disable) for the elements, to mainpulate al
        at once.
      • It should work with the autolayout(this is very
      • errors should be fieldset aware (if one selects it so)

      First solution:
      The solution proposed by Malcolm on the forum is not
      enough IMHO:

      • autolayout is one of the most appealing features of
        CLICK.In that case one is giving it up.
      • writing own layouts for the most users is not simple,
        thus giving away the first reason most users choose
        CLICK - simplicity.
      • controls that are layouted in a form(by

      hand) will
      still not behave as a group, since CLICK 'error
      feedback', have no knowledge about the fieldset
      group-ing, so one needs to write extra code to control
      them as a group -> giving simplicity away.

      Second solution:
      Really don't know how to implement it since I don't
      know how CLICK is made, but if you want to see some
      examples on how a form should behave or just ideas, see
      these links:

      • http://www.formassembly.com/ - I think this needs no
        comments . Just use the FormBuilder, and you'll see
        that the fieldsets make life very easy.
        btw, wForms is a very nice javascript validating
        library (much better than fValidate). Maybe it could be
        used in CLICK too (to release the users from embedding
        javascript by hand - Should I make another tracker ticket?)


      • see all the 3 parts.


      I hope the above references will help,






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