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      Please add a Menu Control.
      Because of time constraints, the proposal from most users was to make a 'Simple Menu Control'.

      Gustav's original request:
      A Simple and nice menu component would be very useful.
      Here's a very good source:

      The Menu(with submenus) is very easy : css + body ID
      (but I think it could be changed to work with some DIV ID)
      (there's even a demo page for it)
      It's compatible with a lot of browsers(no javascript),
      so if one takes the CSS as it is, than only some sort
      of Framework specific wrapper is needed.

      I made this with JSP/taglib and it took me only 2
      hours. Unfortunately I'm totally new to Velocity and
      Click Framework (this is my first 'component' oriented
      web framework), and I have no idea how to implement it
      as a Click component.
      I think however that a Click expert could do it very
      fast, since even with JSP/taglib it was so fast.

      An alternative menu source - see gmane thread:
      #3 http://labs.silverorange.com/archives/2004/may/updatedsimple
      a very nice menu, well tabs , but it's the same from a user perspective. There's a link to a demo page and a zip with the entire thing. I think it's very simple and it would satisfy 80% ).

      Thanks in advance,

      P.S. If the issue with writing rights in the Confluence is solved, I could make a 'Menu Control Wishlist" for a 'Complete Menu Control' (like the one for Table Control - it's ready from my perspective but waiting for the Confluence rights)




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