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Change cordova-lib create.js to import config.xml of app hello world by using the --copy-from code path




      Right now, when creating a new project with CLI, we will lazy_load the hello world application to load its www/. We will not, however, load its config.xml – we always use the cordova-lib default.

      This is needlessly complex (aka, special code paths, requires lazy_loading when everything else has moved to npm), given that create already supports `--copy-from` which imports both www/ and config.xml (and hooks and merges).

      I think we should:

      • Add a config.xml to app hello world.
      • Remove many of the special cases in cordova-lib create(), and always just expect a path to import, aka always use the -copy-from/-link-to logic.
      • Change cordova-cli to call create() with a path to app hello world if -copy-from/-link-to are not in cli args.
      • Publish app hello world to npm and add it to cordova-cli dependencies.

      Note: some users use --copy-from directly to a www/, which has no config.xml. We should still support that use case, either by leaving the cordova-lib config.xml template, or better yet, by using the app hello world config.xml for this use case.




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