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iOS7 Keyboard Appearance Resizes View Frame



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    • XCode 5, iOS 7, Phonegap 3, Sencha Touch 2.1


      This is a similar issue to CB-3020, albeit slightly different.

      Our situation is this: we have a PhoneGap 3.0 project, using Sencha Touch as the view framework. Our views are housed within a Sencha Touch TabPanel, which shows tabs docked at the bottom of the viewport.

      Since we do not want the screen to shrink, we are setting KeyboardShrinksView to false in our config.xml.

      When an input receives focus, we are seeing that iOS 7 resizes the viewport to be the size of the screen minus the height of the keyboard. Since the TabPanel is absolutely positioned with a bottom of 0, the tabs are fixed right above the keyboard.

      We would like the webView to remain the same size, and the focused input to scroll into view when clicked. The assumption here would be that either:

      1. The viewport needs to be re-expanded after the keyboard shows to get it back to the height of the screen (and thus pushing the tabs "below" the keyboard), or
      2. The webView and/or scrollView need to be manipulated after the keyboard shows, so that the content of the app (namely the TabPanel) scrolls off the bottom of the shrinked viewport, and thus out of the way.


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